With the past 10 months of COVID restrictions and waiting for better days, you may be asking yourself “where can I travel right now?”. If you’ve had COVID and recovered or are one of the lucky ones that has started the vaccine regimen, travel might be top of mind right now. We know that everyone is yearning for a tropical vacation getaway in 2021.

So where can you travel?

1. Cancun/Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta

Mexico currently has no testing requirements for entry. It’s the easiest of destinations to travel to and the majority of resorts have strict protocols for staff and basic requirements for guests that are not intrusive. Keep in mind that you will be in close proximity to other travelers in dining and drinking venues.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica dropped their negative COVID test requirement in late fall. However, they do require purchase of health insurance from an approved vendor to cover your traveling party for the duration of the trip. A HealthPass form is also required to be filled out 48 hours prior to arrival into the country.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii still has a quarantine requirement for those that choose not to complete a negative COVID testing requirement. We highly recommend completing the negative COVID test requirement and confining your travel to one island.  Please remember that these policies can change daily.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica was one of the first Caribbean islands to allow travelers from the USA. They do have a negative COVID test requirement for entry and the process for getting travel authorization has dramatically improved.


Update:  The CDC are now requiring a negative COVID test within 72 hours of international flights returning to the USA. Our resort partners in Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica have arranged for on-site testing to comply with this new requirement that begins on 1/26/2021. 

These are four great options for a tropical getaway! We can assist you in navigating the latest requirements and in finding the best deals for travel during the winter season.

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(travel information is subject to change and is current as of Jan 5th, 2021)