Yes, a “buddymoon”…What is a buddymoon? Beginning earlier this decade there was some indication that wedding couples were showing an interest in taking friends and family on their honeymoons. It’s largely been discounted as not “trend-worthy” and something that would never take hold. Well, if our honeymoon inquiries since the summer are any indication, this is a trend that shows some traction.

On one summer work day, I opened a quote request from the website and the wedding couple indicated they wanted a Caribbean honeymoon for 6 people. I thought, “Six people? This has to be a typo.” When I spoke to the bride, she said, “we wanted to make our honeymoon more of a celebration and thought it would be great to have our closest friends go with us!” I figured this was what they wanted and it meant three bookings for our agency rather than one, so I was all in favor of it. You tend to see different requests over the course of a year and I didn’t think much of this occurrence until it happened again!

The next “buddymoon” request was different. Instead of what you would call your “traditional” buddies that are typically within your age group and social circles, this was for a buddy of another type. The parents! While recent generations have been accused of living in a disconnected physical world with all of the readily available technology and a social media lifestyle, it appears some are connecting with their families on a much deeper level.

And the third and fourth requests for the “buddymoon” kept the ball rolling for us and I expect more to come.

Once the sacred getaway for one+one, the honeymoon is now evolving to include those closest to the bride and groom. And that can only be a good thing for those who want the experience!

Would you take your friends and family on your honeymoon?

If so, you may qualify for additional perks by doing so. Groups of 6 rooms or more qualify for additional discounts and even a free room at select all inclusive resorts!

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