Are you seeking an Out-of-the-Ordinary vacation? Find it within the vast expertise of the well-traveled curator team of Preferred Vacations. Each vacation process begins by being personally inspired by you. Your dreams are only the beginning. The sky is the limit on what you can do. Want to immerse yourself in an authentic travel experience filled with local culture, history, art, food & wine? Then you’ll be connected with the Chief Curator. Looking for your next big adventure? Then go for an adrenaline-filled authentic exploration anywhere on the globe with the Adventure Curator.

Our mission is to curate un-manufactured bespoke luxury vacation with the utmost of authenticity in local experiences everywhere you choose to journey. We’ve made a conscious decision to not promote the traditional all-inclusive vacation model found in many destinations. We’ll entrust that style to others and for the common good, keep our Preferred Footprint authentic, always mindful of the local and social impact we are making in supporting small businesses, the people, and the foreign economies of each country. Through the power of our client and supplier relationships to curate a vacation that is purpose-filled and personally enriching, our mission greatly enhances the traveler experience.

Have you ever wanted to venture out of your comfort zone and take a trip to an unknown land, or maybe learn to speak a few sentences in a foreign language to find your way to somewhere amazing? Take a peek into our world and journal postings. Each week we will showcase our most amazing vacation inspirations, from luxury romantic boutique escapes, off-the-beaten-path eco-chic journeys, culinary and wine tastings, nature travel and expedition-style adventures, to sharing what’s hot and hip and worthy of being on your bucket list.

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