"I had the urge to examine my life in another culture and move beyond what I knew."

Frances Mayes

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Authentic Tuscan Castello

An extraordinary experience of feasting and rest awaits at the countryside estate of Castello Banfi Il Vorgo.

Private Cooking Class

Uncover the local culinary secrets of the regional foods with a fun hands-on course led by top chefs.

Experiencing Tuscany


History Comes Alive

Old-fashioned yet uniquely fashionable, Tuscany seduces everyone with its lush historical countryside and beautiful neoclassical villas filled with one of a kind Etruscan artworks.


Diverse Flavors, Distinctive Tastes

Experience the flavors of this diverse region where farmhouses serve delicacies, like truffle pasta and bustling cafes serve premium cappuccinos. After exploring in the hot Tuscan sun, there's nothing more refreshing than a gelato, ice cream of distinctive Italian.


A Land of Living Inspiration

An iconic location that served as the inspiration for the hugely successful novel and subsequential film adaptation of "Under a Tuscan Sun", Tuscany is the pristine postcard material. Explore wheat fields, olive gloves and vineyards by bike, foot or private car.


Sensational Slow-Food & Chianti

Dining out Tuscan-style takes time, which is to be expected when all the plates are locally sourced based n seasonality and sustainability. Native Tuscans take great pride in serving their local fare, making every meal is an event and every dish a delicacy.

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