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See the iconic ancient sights of mainland Greece, from the country's capital of Athens to the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Meet and greet in the Athens International airport. Private transfer to your preferred hotel in Athens. Spend the remainder of the day free to explore the fascinating bend of old and new in this lively metropolis. Sample sights, sounds and taste of this ancient yet modern city.

After breakfast, transfer for a historic full-day tour of Athens. See the striking contrast between breathtaking monuments of a glorious past and modern elegant structures of the present. Visit the Acropolis, the crowning beauty and glory of Ancient Athens, with it many monuments atop its rock arid plateau. Stroll around the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the temple of Athena Nike and the Erechtheion, with its Porch of Maidens. Drive to the Roman Temple of Olympic Zeus and to the Panathinaikos Stadium, the first site of modern Olympic Games. Continue onward to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in front of the Parliament House on famous Constitution Square; see other historic structures. Conclude with a guided visit into the new Acropolis Museum, a marvel of contemporary architecture exhibiting the glory of Ancient Athena. Afterwards, enjoy dinner at a local tavern, Kuzina Restaurant, where the food is perfectly paired with the ambiance in an inspired mixture of modern and traditional Greek decor. The menu changes seasonally, but no matter when you go, the cuisine is authentically local and fresh. Return to your hotel at your own leisure.

After breakfast in Athens, pick up your pre-arranged rental car to begin exploring the mainland. Head towards Corinth to view the famous canal. After crossing it, continue onward to the charming historic fort-city of Nafplion. Spend the late afternoon and evening at your leisure. Spend the night in Nafplion.

This ancient town, having been ruled at different times by the Venetians and the Turks, boasts three castle-fortresses from the various historic eras, each worth exploring on foot. Stroll through the picturesque Old Ton, admiring the Venetian palaces, Turkish mosques and lovely cafes and shops. Spend another night in Nafplion.

Depart Nafplion for Olympia: Drive across the historic Peloponnesian Peninsula to Olympia. The most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, this is the birthplace of the traditional Olympic Games. The archaeological site is very large and rich in sites to explore, including the athletic training facilities, gymnasium, dining halls and several temples filled with beautiful statues of antiquity. Drive to your hotel for overnight in Olympia.

Embark on your car journey onward to reach the important ancient religious sanctuary of Delphi, sacred to the god Apollo. The ancient Greeks regarded Delphi as the center of the world. When faced with problems, they traveled from afar to here to ask questions of the famous Delphi Oracle. Explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding important sites. Drive to your hotel to spend the night in Delphi.

Drive back to Athens to return your arranged rental car and enjoy one last day in this capital city. Spend your last night in Athens.

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