"We are not just ordinary people - we are Santorinians."


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Mystical Aegean Luxury

The Mystique Hotel's terrace suites provide glorious front-row views of an endless blue ocean.

Secret Wine Cave Dining

Dine like the Gods by candlelight and sip indigenous wines within this dramatic 150 year old cave.

Experiencing Santorini


Spiritual Chic

Santorini expertly blends old-world charm with a modern lifestyle and vibrant nightlife. Be chanted summer lovers with your sweetheart in the spiritually enchanting dwellings, bustling towns and seaside villages. Swim with the dolphins and take afternoon naps.


A Bounty for Every Sense

Tease your senses while dining on the edge of the Aegean, sampling local delicacies in rooftop tavernas. Of course, you could also opt to do as Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape harvest, and explore Santorini's prodigious selection of wines.


Enticingly Cinematic Sunsets

Either wander on foot, ride a moped or take a donkey-driven cart through mazes of cobbled streets. The sunsets here are offer the most intoxicating experiences imaginable, unparalleled by any other visual experience in Europe or the entire world.


A City Born of Myth

Explore the ancient Minoan city of Akrotiri, which hosts the ruins of the Cycladic islands. Here you will learn the fable of this Lost City in the Atlantic Ocean and see why Santorini has come to embody all that is Greek in both myth and reality.

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