"What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world."


Find Your Inspiration

Boutique-Chic Sleep

Have a "bonne nuit" at the prestigious Hotel Plaza Athenne, with its Dior Institute Spa and purely splendid luxury.

Private Art Access

Take in the jaw-dropping masterpieces at the Louvre & Musee d'Orsay with a private access experience

Experiencing Paris


Joie de Vivre!

The French are famous for their elegance and always have that "élan" flair and "joie de vivre" attitude. They have truly mastered the art of taking in every pleasantry life has to offer. C'est la vie aver Paris!


Francophile Bistronomy Revolution

Experience the revolutionary cooking phenomenon of both traditional and innovative Parisian chefs. Explore your palate on a delicious escapade through winding streets bistros, cafes, brasseries, markets and boulangeries. It's a high-sensory tasting pleasure!


Shopping In Infinite Luster

Channel your inner Chanel as you luxuriously transform your wardrobe in endless boutiques, flea markets and thrift stores along the Marais, Montmartre and St. Germaine.


Terroir Finesse & Votre Sante

Immerse yourself in a new wave of wine bars. These hip Parisian establishments have a unique approach to impeccable ingredients and make low-key refinement the new standard, all the while simultaneously providing copious by-the-glass selections.

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