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Unique Hideaways

Jamaica features unique hideaways in addition to the top resort chains in the Caribbean.

Dunn's River Falls

Long the top attraction in Jamaica, the iconic Dunn's River Falls continues to dazzle visitors with raw beauty.

Experiencing Jamaica


Reggae, Rum & Relax

The easing going vibe of Jamaica emanates from the peak of the Blue Mountains across the land and to its fabled shores. Breathe in the cool island breeze and rejuvenate mind and body in this chill environment.


Boston Jerk & A Mash-Up

Jamaica is famous for the spicy jerk chicken and pork that was created on Boston Beach in Port Antonio. However, the real dish on food in Jamaica is that the cuisine is a fusion that evolved from the varied influence of the Spanish, British, Asians, Indians and Africans.


The Land of Wood and Water

Jamaica is home to a diverse ecosystem. The Blue Mountains tower over the eastern side of the island while the world-famous Negril beach fronts the West End. In between is a land rich in agriculture, small communities and tourist areas.


The People

The people are what makes Jamaica special. The infectious smiles and warm welcome instantly convert the first time visitor. No wonder Jamaica once used the slogan "Once You Go, You Know". The food. The reggae, The rum. The fun. It all starts with the people. Once you go..

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