"I do love the sunburnt country, its ancient landscapes, its exhilarating reaches of sand and sea."


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Luxurious Lounging

Indulge in stylish elegance with a front-row seat to the Reef at the Hayman Island Resort.

Seaplane Excursion

Discover an adventurous new perspective while taking in the Whitsundays' majestic beauty.

Experiencing The Great Barrier Reef


Legends of the Reef

In the Great Barrier Reef, there are many stories and songs that have been passed along from generation to generation as island rituals. Sacred sites exist in this deep-rooted sea country that serve as initiation grounds and ceremonial stages.


Great Barrier Feast Series

Get a taste of heaven at the food and wine showcase of Hamilton Island's Feast Series. An annual event, the series is often comprised of local "Chef's Table" weekends set within a world-class paradise featuring locally sourced food and wines.


An Aquatic Dream Come True

With over 900 remote islands covering a 1,240 mile stretch of colorful oceanic paradise, the Great Barrier Reef is indeed a water lover's ideal destination and home to a vast number of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, birds, and fish species.


A Wondrous National Treasure

The Great Barrier Reef is the ancient home of many living creatures, a massive system of living coral grown atop dead coral dating back 20 million years. The Reef's complex ecosystem and size are what makes it one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

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