"You may have the Universe if I may have Italy."

Giuseppe Verdi

Find Your Inspiration

Magnificent Medici Villa

Sleep within the Grand Hotel Villa Medici to view its hidden treasures and wander through its famous gardens.

Private Jewels of Art

View the collection of Renaissance masterworks in the Uffizi Gallery for an exclusive viewing of the Contain Bonac.

Experiencing Florence


A City of Tastemakers & Artisans

Feast your eyes on both classical Renaissance and the latest modern masterpieces within Florence's numerous art galleries, or stroll through endless winding streets lined with shops full of handmade wonders and global fashions that aren't just Gucci & Pucci.


Classic Bottegas & Nuovo Osterias

Don't just go for the traditionally classic plates - be like the Florentines and branch out to taste the modern Firenze tabletops and indulge in the authentic trattorias and sidewalk caf├ęs that line the narrow lanes of its neighborhoods. Buon Appetito!


Magnetic & Romantic Fiorentina

Romance is paramount here, and a perfect place to honeymoon. Florence also attracts those who gravitate to amazing food and fantastic scenery. Whether you come to Florence alone or are already paired, you will certainly find something to fall in love with.


The Duomo is The Heart

Considered the heart of Florence, the neo-Gothic Florence Cathedral is the iconic landmark of the city. Stand in awe of its red-tiled cupola, gorgeous 44-stained glass windows and graceful pink, white and green marble construction.

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