"Greece is a secret place everywhere you go, even if its somewhere huge like Athens or Corinth."


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Rest in Athenian Grandeur

Experience an unrivaled view of the Acropolis and old-world elegance in the Hotel Grande Bretagne.

Classical Excursions

Venture out into the city for a guided exploration of The Acropolis, Parthenon and other museums.

Experiencing Athens


Philosophy & Cafes

The personality of the typical Athenian is a charming mixture of Eastern and Western sensibilities. They often harbor an infectious passion for life and are always eager to exchange talk with others over a cup of coffee or a fine meal.


Mezze, Moussaka & Souvlaki

Although the Greek diet is based on the triad of wheat, olive oil and wine, there is so much more to experience when dining here. From small plates to grand Athenian feasts, this is a nation famous for exquisite delicacies.


Ancient Ruins & Modernity

A visit to this great city wouldn't be complete without visiting its phenomenal museums, featuring everything from Byzantine art to the work of modern masters. Stroll through the National Museum or lose yourself within Monastiraki, Athens' oldest oriental bazaar.


Architectural Perfection

Athena is known as the marble-pillared cradle of Western Civilization. The temple of the greatest importance in civilization is the Parthenon within the Acropolis. Dedicated to the Goddess Athena, she still stands to this day, protecting the Athenian Empire.

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