"This is the dream....Work a little, have a one-hour nap, at night go out, eat tapas, & drink wine."


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Magical Andalusian Palace

Experience an extraordinary and magical real-life Sevillian paradise within the famous Palacio de Villapanes.

Do the Flamenco Fling

UNESCO just listed Flamenco as an intangible cultural heritage and it's in Seville's blood. Do it, see it, hear it.

Experiencing Andalusia


Nomadic Evolution, Med-Moorish

The region dates back to 3rd century B.C. when it was formed as a part of the great civilized world. Historically rich, it's had a nomadic past, from the Moors, to the Romans and French, merging together to create a remarkable Mediterranean diversity of people and customs.


Al-Andalus, Olive Country

Heavily influenced by the Arabic cooking of Al-Andalus, the region's gastronomy is richly flavored in spices. Famous dishes include gazpacho, grilled sardines, seafood pancakes, meat stews and cured meats. However, the real ancient gem is the delectable fruit, the olive.


Carnivals, Flamenco, Bullfights

Major celebrations happen throughout Andalusia, especially during the holidays. From carnivals in Cadiz, festive street parties in Granada, to flamenco and bullfights in Seville, it's all nonstop merrymaking to be had. The allure of the area is hard to resist.


Five Stunning White Villages

The captivating white-washed villages of Andalusia are impressive historical monuments of time filled with age-old traditions inherited from their Iberian, Roman and Moorish forefathers. Each one has now become a fashionable escape, yet still conserving their ancient charm.

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