"Come quickly! I'm tasting stars that sparkle!"


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Luxury Vintners Chateau

Built in the 1900s, the mansion Chateau Les Roches sits in the hilltop village of Mont Saint Jean.

Venture into the Vines

There are nearly 200 winemakers in Burgundy within 10-hectares of vines on the Route des Grand Crus.

Experiencing Wine Regions


A Prestigious Wine Heritage

This chateau-studded region has long been famous for giving birth to namesake Pinot Noirs, Chalbis, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Cabernet, and more.


Learn the Secrets of Cooking

Stimulate your senses with traditional dishes served up at Michelin-starred locales and quaint farm-to-table inns, then become a gourmand chef or expert sommelier yourself with cooking lessons from France's best cooks and wine connoisseurs.


The Art of Living Well

Indulge both mind and body in the spa town of Bourbon-Lancy, then take a spiritual hot bath and pamper yourself with a luxurious wine-spa treatment. The art and culture of this region is as immersive as it is seductive.


World's Most Expensive Wine

Based on a survey of 55,000 wine merchants and their expertise of more than 7 million wines, a rare wine from Burgundy's vineyards has been officially named the world's most expensive - Richebourg Grand Cru. Try it yourself at a tasting session of your choosing.

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