"The sea is always present. It's always visible. All roads lead to it."

Derek Walcott

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Exclusivity at Jade Mountain

Deemed St Lucia's "most romantic luxury resort", Jade Mountain features open air suites and amazing Piton views.

Reefs, Walls, & Wrecks

At the base of the famous Pitons, lies the underwater seascape that features an abundances of marine life.

Experiencing St. Lucia


French, English & Africa Fusion

With a constant competition between the French & British for control, this tiny piece of paradise finally gained complete independence in 1979. Along the way, a fusion of cultures shaped the St Lucia of today. It's evident in the cuisine, the language and the local customs.


Local Seafood & A Cultural Fusion

With access to an abundance of local seafood, fruits and vegetables, along with a history of French, British and West Indian influence, St Lucia's cuisine is both healthy and flavorful. Drawing from a rich blend of herbs and spices, St Lucia restaurants tempt the palate.


Sun, Sail, & Chill

St Lucia is about island life. And island life means "no pressure, no problem". The days can be adventuresome or relaxed. Evening sunsets lead to romantic moments or to Rodney Bay to hang at the local bars. Friday means the infamous Gros Islet Street Party is in full swing.


Gros Piton - Petit Piton

The Pitons. Volcanic spires that rise from the Caribbean sea as a reminder of how the island of Saint Lucia was formed. Iconic because of the views from the nearby luxury resorts or the eye-level views on a helicopter tour.

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