"The birthplace of valor, the country of worth; wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands forever I love."

Robert Burns, 1759-1796

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Historic Inverlochy Castle

Built in 1863, this luxurious 17 room castle hotel is an award-winning property that sits on lakes and mountains.

Exclusive Excursion

Enjoy lunch and a private tasting at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, an exclusive members-only club.

Experiencing Scotland


A Proud Celtic Nation

One of the Celtic Nations, Scotland has a unique family of languages and dialects. Although it is a relatively tiny nation and a part of the larger United Kingdom, its distinctive culture has made an enormous and instantly recognizable impact on the world.


Evocative & Complex Tastes

The disparate blend of cultures that have molded modern Scotland has had a significant influence on the country's cuisine. Meals often feature a base of ancient Scottish recipes fused with a modern flair for a truly flavorful dining experience.


Unmistakably Scottish Weather

Scotland's climate is magical, offering four distinct seasons, and it's not uncommon to experience all four in one day. These microclimates occur from the North Sea's coastline up to Scotland's snow-capped mountains, green woodlands, lochs and valleys.


The Loch Ness Monster

The mythical creature referred to as "Nessie" has supposedly inhabited the Loch Ness since the early 1900s. It remains one of the most prevalent examples of cryptozoology despite scientists' adamant claims that it's nothing more than a modern day myth.

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