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European River Journeys

Celebrate a life milestone or have a romantic getaway onboard an AmaWaterways river cruise.

Expert Wine Hosts & Tastings

Learn about centuries-old wine traditions on expert-hosted sailings featuring informative lectures and private tast

Experiencing River Journeys


Diverse, Scenic & Educational

Venture into the unique regions along Europe's Danube, Douro, Mosel, Rhine, Rhone and Seine Rivers. Each river and country will open your eyes to their unique way of life along the water. View picturesque towns and villages as you glide past years of history.


Exquisite Wine & Dining Pairings

Since each sailing is unique, each river cruise dining experience will be, too. Taste regional culinary masterpieces prepared by expert chefs, sample one-of-a-kind vintages and enjoy private wine-themed port excursions.


Historic Cities, European Charm

See the iconic City of Lights glowing along the romantic Seine River in Paris, journey through the Douro Valley of Portugal's pristine wine region and be enchanted by the Danube River overflowing with art, literature and history.


Vineyards, Vintages & Terroirs

The mighty European rivers link thousands of vineyards and wineries together along their paths. Explore these stunning regional terroirs, which have long been a paradise for wine lovers. Of course, distinctive varietals will perfectly accompany each breathtaking scene.

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