"La Costa del Coco - The Coconut Coast"


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An All Inclusive Mecca

Punta Cana is truly the epicenter of all inclusive beach vacations. Choose from over 70 resort destinations.

Beach And More Beaches

With 62 miles of coastline and expansive stretches of pristine sand, this region is the beach capital of the DR.

Experiencing Punta Cana – Dominican Republic


A Fusion Of Tradition & Customs

As the first European settlement in the Western Hemisphere, the Dominican Republic is a blend of European, African and the indigenous Taino culture.


La Bandera - A National Dish

Food in the DR is a simple and flavorful combination of Spanish, Taino and African cuisine. In Punta Cana, expect to see a more international flair catering to travelers from the USA, Canada and the UK.


The Resort Lifestyle

Beach. Golf. Spa. Lounging poolside. Punta Cana is all about resort living and soaking in warm Caribbean sunshine by the sea. Resort selection is paramount in this area since the majority of vacation time is spent on-property.


The Beaches

Miles and miles of coastal beaches line the area of Punta Cana. From Playa Bavaro to Playa Macao and to Playa Blanca and beyond, the 8 major beaches of this region are truly iconic in nature.

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