"I would leave civilization and go to Fiji, for it is more civilized than California or New York."


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Outer Island Sanctuary

A 16 villa hideaway on a private 10-acre island, Royal Davui Island Resort is the utmost in exclusivity.

Private Sand Cay Picnics

Go off the grid to a tiny tidal islet via boat ride to your own private cay for a remote picnic.

Experiencing Fijian Islands


The Happiest People on Earth

Fijians are friendly South Pacific islanders filled with warm welcomes, often thought of as the friendliest people on Earth and always ready to greet visitors like long lost relatives. Share a life experience with a Fijian and experience true happiness!


Stunning & Irresistible

Partake in magnificent dining experiences, long lunches, intimate dinners and remote picnics, all prepared with an irresistible fusion flair of Pacific rim cuisine and the finest local ingredients. This is culinary expertise that aims to please.


Unparalleled Privacy & Seclusion

Relax in luxury villas superbly appointed in unique styles aimed to maintain the Fijian way of life. Often built with traditional thatched roofs and all wooden construction, these constructs are affectionately called "Vale", the Fijian word for home.


The Enchanting Blue Lagoon

Within the Yasawa islands, you'll find the most heavenly beaches and sandiest shores. Also within this paradise, you'll be lured to the waters surrounding the Yasawas known as The Blue Lagoon, made famous by the cult classic 1980 Brooke Shields film.

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