"There's a place in the middle of the Aegean called Crete, a fruitful land surrounded by the sea."


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Architectural Palace Gem

Set upon cliffs overlooking the infinite beauty of the sea, the Blue Palace Resort is essential Crete.

Signature Cretan Pampering

Indulge in an olive oil & thyme massage before sipping a cocktail under the famed Arsenali arches.

Experiencing Crete


A Haven for the Arts

The unique customs, traditions and strong spirit of the Cretan people are classic dynamics of Mediterranean island life. This scenic place has long served as a sanctuary for musicians, artists, and writers inspired by its incomparable culture.


The Signature Cretan Diet

The Cretan Diet is no passing trend; rather, it is a time-tested tradition. Foodies flock here for the charming tavernas, locally sourced meats, homemade cheeses, fresh-pressed olive oils, and world-famous wines.


Europe’s Largest Gorge

The striking natural beauty of the island captivates all who witness it. Experience the grandeur of ancient villages, fortresses and the natural wonder that is the Cave of Zeus upon the slopes of Mount Ida, then sip coffee in the company of locals.


The Majestic Knossos Palace

Stand in awe before the towering construction of the Minoans, the Palace of Knossos. A spellbinding sight that cannot forgotten, the intensely beautiful ruins come alive as time stands still with each setting or rising of the sun.

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