"Oh how I dream of Barbados, the island in the sun, and the beautiful sight of everyone having fun."


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Idyllic Island Estates

Be pampered and rejuvenated within the charming island-luxury estate of Cobbler's Cove and its golden beaches,

Underground Marvel of Nature

Explore wondrous subterranean passages on a journey through the eighth Wonder of the World, Harrison's Cave.

Experiencing Barbados


Culture Bridges & Artistic Ambiance

Barbados has established an identity that draws on its English, African and West Indies roots. Evident in their customs and traditions, the people of Barbados passionately express their unique heritage through a myriad of art, music and dance festivals.


The Tantalizing Bajan Blend

Discover a very old and new culture-heritage cuisine referred to as Bajan, which merges together influences of Africa, the Caribbean and West Indian. Taste a uniquely authentic island culinary experience anywhere you opt to dine on Barbados.


Afternoon Tea, Old Plantation Homes

As is the venerable tradition on the island, relax on an authentic historic colonial front porch and take afternoon tea precisely at 4-o'clock pm. There's a reason the island is referred to "Little England" as tea time is a cherished passing of time.


A Story of Sugar, Molasses & Rum

In the 17th century, the island developed a successful sugar industry. When plantation owners discovered that molasses could be fermented into a deliciously coveted liquor called "rum buillon", this paved the way for Sir John Gay to create his famous bottled elixir.

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