"One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter."


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Tropical Seclusion

Check into a spacious suite on the stylishly sophisticated beachfront paradise of Carlisle Bay.

Island Safari Eco-Kayaking

Explore North Sound National Park's exotic mangroves via kayak and have a picnic on the uninhabited Bird Island.

Experiencing Antigua


New Creole: History Comes Alive

Explore this rich treasure chest of British colonialist history and its present day Antiguan West Indian culture, a wonderful fusion of customs and languages. The name Antigua is doubly fitting, meaning "ancient" in Spanish and "our own" in Creole.


Pepperpots & Jerk-Spiced Meats

A diverse yet delectable recipe, pepperpot stew is a Caribe/West Indies delicacy filled with fresh produce, island spices, hot peppers and beef or pork. Seafood, jerk-spiced meats, seasoned rice and local rum are also staples in the island's kitchens.


So Many Beaches, So Little Time!

Teeming with sugarcane fields and a winding coastline that is fringed by powdery soft beaches, Antigua is a perfectly congenial place to unwind.


The Exotic Sister Island

World famous for its pristine pink coral beaches, Low Bay beach is a 17-mile long stretch of the Caribbean. An undeveloped deserted island, here one can find an abundance of water sports, shipwrecks, beautiful reefs and a fascinating bird sanctuary.

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