"It was discovering New Zealand and the people. That was the effect Lord of the Rings had on me."


Find Your Inspiration

Lakeside Luxury Lodge

Nestled on a secluded beach peninsula, explore the nature wonderland at Lake Okareka Lodge.

White Island Excursion

Explore the bubbling moon-like marine volcano of White Island, estimated to be 2000 years old.

Experiencing North Island


A Land of Fantasy & Wonder

Experience the mythical home of the Hobbits and go behind the scenes to the various ethereal destinations where Peter Jackson's Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy was brought to stunning life.


A New World of Kiwi Cuisine

Kiwi chefs proudly dish up some of their most inspired culinary dishes this side of the Pacific Ocean. Try some of the delectable Maori favorites and cool off in the award-wining vineyard restaurants of Hawke's Bay.


Diverse Terrain, New Adventues

The North Island provides many opportunities for thrill-seekers and nature lovers with its myriad lush forests, mountains and beaches. Paddle your way down running rivers and coastlines, take one the country's Great Walks and witness Nowhere Land.


Sacred & Secret Land

Venture into the remote land of the Maori for the most authentic North Island experience imaginable. Once here, see their meeting houses, join in a traditional Hangi feast, and watch an unforgettable performance of a cultural haka war dance.

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